REAL ESTATE                              

The CMF Real Estate division began in 2009 as a response to demand from our clients for a “one-stop shop” property service. Since that time we have taken on a diverse range of projects and a variety of roles to help our clients realise the full value of their assets. The types of property have included;

  • Commercial Office buildings

  • Industrial unit complexes

  • Residential apartments complexes and houses

  • Hospitality and leisure

  • Land Sales

The roles that CMF Real Estate has assumed include;

  • Marketing coordinator

  • Agency coordination (on behalf of the client)

  • Sales agent

  • Property consultancy

  • Client Advocacy

Over this time CMF Real Estate has worked for all nature of owners including;

  • NSW State Government

  • Private Owners

  • Developers

  • Banks

  • Receivers

  • Publicly listed corporates

  • Funds

  • Add value operators

Some of the property and businesses that we have been involved with can be found within this section.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss any of these or your own requirements.