Bowling Club, Scarborough, NSW.


Lawrence Hargreaves Dr


Project Realisation:  $1.7m

Sale Process:            Expressions of Interest

CMF Appointment:   Sales & Marketing Agent


CMF were appointed as sales and marketing agent for this much loved and well utilised community facility situated in the northern suburbs of Wollongong (local clubs form the backbone of much of the social interaction in a small community such as Scarborough Wombarra).

Unfortunately the Club had fallen on hard times and an Administrator had been appointed. CMF believed that there was a possibility that the Club could be at least partially saved and we pitched our case to the Administrator who was entirely supportive of the proposed approach.

CMF appointed industry heavyweight CBRE to jointly market the property and ran a full on-market campaign. The difference from a normal purchase was that any purchaser had to incorporate the existing Clubrooms within any design it had for the land. Numerous EoI’s were received however the standout bid was received from an aged care provider whereby whilst they would demolish the existing clubrooms, they agreed to build new clubrooms on the front of the site (far more practical) and incorporate them as part of the overall development of the site.

The Club and the community were pleased that they managed to secure their facility and face a debt free future.