To  complete CMF Real Estate's offering we officially set-up CMF Property Management in 2017. Whilst it had been operating unofficially for some time the number of properties under management warranted a more formal presence.


The service is primarily targeted at Commercial, Retail and Industrial property.

Head of Property Management, Jon Buckman began his career in 1991 with New Zealand's largest private superannuation fund MFL Mutual Fund.  The fund owned properties all over the country but 80% of the properties were in Auckland where Jon and one other were responsible for the day to day management of approximately 135 properties.  The Management rights to MFL were sold to Armstrong Jones (pre-cursor to ING) in 1993.  Jon stayed on with Armstrong Jones for over a year before accepting a position with Jones Lang Wootton (now Jones Lang LaSalle) in 1995.

Many think Property Management is a business built around bricks and mortar.  Whilst this is partially true at CMF we believe that Property Management is ostensibly a people business.  Forging strong long term relationships partnering with our client landlord, tenants and contractors will provide the optimal solution to our client.


At CMF we are only ever going to be a boutique provider of Property Management services. We have no interest in competing with the scale of the larger providers. What we provide is a quality, personalised service where the client and their asset is our main focus.  We will do everything it takes to ensure our clients are 100% satisfied 99.9% of the time (we're also realists).


Our fees are less than our competitors because in essence we do not carry the baggage they do to provide the same service.  We do not operate out of expensive high-rise offices.  We do not have hoards of extraneous support staff and teams of people tasked with the responsibility of keeping systems up and running that add cost and but effectively no value to our clients. At CMF the person you appoint is the person you deal with who handles every aspect of your property including the physical management, tenant interaction and accounts.  That way you can be assured that your Property Manager is knowledgeable about all aspects of your property.